Carousell is a C2C Marketplace product in South East Asia. I joined Carousell in 2016 and worked with the Marketplace (Seller experience), Monetisation (Seller Services), Smart Listing and Verticals Team focusing on sellers and buyers



Cleartrip is a leading travel website that focused on helping users pick their best flights, hotels and things to do in the places they visit through simple product. I was with Cleartrip until 2016 and contributed to different parts of their user experience! 



Product concepts

One fine Saturday afternoon, I encountered a weird experience with one of the apps I was using. My immediate response is, maybe I should tweet to them. But complaining without a solution is not helpful, so I started sketching some rough ideas on how I might be solving and that's how I started working on Unsolicited projects. It soon become my creative outlet, Where I experiment with different ideas and question the problems that intrigues me.




When I'm not designing products, I try to design something that will let my brain to be creative and unconstrained. Posters are fun exercise because it tries to reach your goal — Communicating an idea and also explore my artistic side