Timestamps concept for Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Messenger has grown so big and beautiful in last few years. It is probably the elegant, fast and functional chat applications out there. The best feature of the Facebook messenger is that it is part of a social network family. Every day millions of people say amazing things in Facebook messenger. Before any happy events, announcements go to Facebook as a status update, it was first conversed as messages inside a messenger.

My concept is to bring out an interface inside Messenger to favourite those happy conversation you make. You can revist those nostalgic moments later through timestamps in messenger.

Timestamp a message

Creating timestamp should be simple and shouldn’t clutter the existing design. On taping a message, you can see a star icon. Tap on the star to create timestamp. Tap on it again to remove timestamp. There will be a purple notification at the top when you create a timestamp. You can create timestamp on your message or your chat partner’s messages.


How to see timestamps?

Entrypoint — Timestamps — Timestamp details

Entrypoint — Timestamps — Timestamp details

  1. Timestamps entry point under contact sheet (available under info icon in messenger)
  2. Timestamps sorted from recent to old. Tap on a timestamp to see the conversation when it happened.
  3. Note the star icon next to Goa? That's the marked timestamp. Remind your chat partner about this timestamp with simple tap

Timestamp use

Mark most important texts you send/receive in messenger. This can be beautiful announcements, plans, statement, jokes or important address, phone numbers, links, photos and videos.

Personally, Facebook has over 8 years of my chat messages and so many memories are buried inside it. It’ll be hard to go back and timestamp all those beautiful messages, but it’ll be easier to mark in the future if this concept becomes reality.

Update — 7th October 2015:  Glad to see this feature has been added in Whatsapp. Kudos to the team :)