Feed the soul

On a warm June evening, I was having a conversation with my close friend (Tejaswi) and I was telling her how I was pretty lethargic and binge-watching the shows away. I wasn't happy with how I'm spending my weekends and almost zero effort on my side to improve myself over the weekends

Before I moved to Singapore, I had a personal work life and professional work life. The unsolicited projects are the end results of the personal work life. I tend to be on my creative edge by constantly designing.

In my opinion, the only way someone could be a better designer is by designing, again and again.

But somehow I got lost in the cycle of working long hours on the weekdays and mindlessly spending my weekends on TV Shows and

So when my friend heard this, she said this one thing that literally made me wake up and write down all the things I need to work on in my personal life.

1) Write more: Something I started in early 2015, but somehow stopped doing in the middle. 

2) Take more photos:  pick it up as a hobby and regularly publish Photo articles.

3) Design at-least one unsolicited project every 2 months

4) Explore AR/VR and learn the basics to accomplish projects

5) Illustrate: One thing that always fascinated me is the salt & Pepper illustration. But I suck at original ideals and try to 

Less than 20 weekends to accomplish all these :)

The top row of icons kinda summarise the action points. Poster set in Futura, with a gradient that symbolises sunrise - New Hope

Credit: Star wars, Lucasfilms, Disney

Credit: Star wars, Lucasfilms, Disney