🇨🇿 Prague

24° North

A Travel photo series that focuses on the cities and places I’m visiting, to share stories about the architecture, culture and people of the city.  

Second series featuring Prague. The super romantic city almost made me regret choosing this city for the solo trip. From Pilsners to River sidewalks to magnificent architecture just makes me I was living and jumping between 16 and 21st Century. 


The City and its streets

I managed to not take a single public/private transport during the entire time I was there and just walked around, because how else can you enjoy every block of beautiful gothic and renaissance architecture?


The Doors and Windows of Prague

Across the city, I see the details on the glass and it's just mind blowing.  The glasses were itched and coloured, to give a coloured radiance in the room (something I genuienly miss in today's modern architecture)


The Interiors of
St. George's Basilica & The Castle


From Petřín

The beautiful hike to see the entire Prague was rewarding. The greeneries around the hike and 300 steps to the top of the tower are all part of this stunning experience


River Vlatava

Vlatava splits the city in two, making the crossing between each side more pleasant every day, even during the cold winters. 


Shot in

Sony A6000, 35mm |  12mm
Processed with VSCO Kodak & Fuji Filters

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