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24ยฐNorth Travel Series

A photo series that focuses on the cities and places Iโ€™m visiting, to share stories about the architecture, culture and people of the city.  This time it's Budapest

I reached Budapest during Christmas with my friend Alla and we had a tremendous time roaming around the city filled with old Hungarian architecture, making it a pretty good place for me to take photos from every corner. 

The beautiful city has some charming viewpoint. To experience the city better, I decided to mostly walk in the city and take less public transportation as a whole, apart from few stops. I started my hike from my stay to the Gellรฉrt Hill

The Bridge to Gellรฉrt Hill

A 30min hike from the city centre and you will reach the Citadella. But more than the Citadella, the walk towards it is more splendid


I decided to tak the long route across different bridges to see the beauty of River Danube

The walk was memorable particularly because of the shadows. It's a good time of the year where the sun sets early and the entire day feels like just a slow sunrise and sunset. 

Commuting in the tram is an experience of its own, especially for crossing this bridge. On the last day, I decided to take the tram one more time to just to experience this bridge again. The Yellow brand is just a stunning Hungarian design to unify their public transportation and the stations - But also reminded me a lot of Berlin



The monument in the top of the hill has some crazy history being occupied by Austrians, Nazis and Soviets.  The liberty statue in the top symbolises fight against opression. 


Buda Castle

From Citadella, it's 30 mins hike to the palace and I couldn't wait to see the symbol of Budapest up close. 

Buda castle glowing during the sunset the previous day

Buda castle glowing during the sunset the previous day

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Fisherman's Bastion

Few mins from the castle, there is a long terrace with stunning views of the city. The Neo-Gothic architecture style adds a whole narrative of its rich history over thousands of years.


Next stop: Hล‘sรถk Tere

Hero's Square/  Hล‘sรถk Tere is a monument that's quite away from the city. You would definitely hear victory music in your head when you first see the shiny statues.


The Square is built to remember the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of the Hungarian people and their independence.

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Buda City and its streets. 

The city is always charming with its endless architecture around every corner. More importantly, the food, cafes and endless Christmas decorations really made Budapest a cosy city for my visit. 

Until next time Budapest ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿฝ

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