🇩🇪 Berlin

24°North Travel Series

A photo series that focuses on the cities and places I’m visiting, to share stories about the architecture, culture and people of the city.  Starting with Berlin.

The city blew my mind with its amazing soul and its endless history. Needless to say, I took over 2030 photos in two days.  

Vibrant, Clear and Bold

The never ending glorious architecture was filled with it's unique details
ranging from classic to modern.

Shadows, from the old city. 

U/S Bahnhof, the shiny old rail lines, rustic old Berlin building and the ever preserved museums echo the troubled past Berlin had. They also showcase it's liberation in various stages from early colonial wars to post Cold War 


Shot in

Sony A6000, 35mm |  12mm
Processed with VSCO Kodak & Fuji Filters

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Next up

Photo series from my past trips and more