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I regularly talk about the places that I visit through my travel photo series 24° North.  This time it's the humble part of Asia

Endless paddy fields

Endless paddy fields

Earlier this March, I decided to do a small retreat to discover Kanchanaburi, provinance in Thailand. Suggested by my friend Evie, we found this place pretty closeby to Bangkok at the same time, not the usual touristy Thailand side. 



Temple Run

There are a number of shrines around Kanchanaburi and some have really pretty and cold caves. Most of them involved tiny hikes and riding around far outside the main city. 


Erawan & the 7 levels of the falls. 

Almost 2-hour ride from the city, there is this beautiful wildlife sanctuary, Dam and waterfalls. This beautiful serenity requires a tiny hike to reach to the topmost waterfall bed. The bluish water and the never-ending sound of the waterfalls make the place utterly zen.  


Hellfire Pass and train back

2 hours from the city, this historical memorial is filled with the bad Japanese colonial past where thousands lost their lives building this bridge. Psst if you haven't seen Bridge on the River Kwai, you should definitely check it out. 

On our way back, we took the train back from Nam Tok and it's definitely a memorable experience. The path still echoes the dark past the POWs and workers went through to build this commendable rail track connecting Thailand and Burma. 

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