Apple Watch, Series 3

September 2014

I stayed up to watch the Apple Special Event. It was already leaked earlier that Apple was going to launch a new product and this time it's likely a wearable. This is the most anticipated launch because it's the first new product launch since Steve Jobs's passing.

Apple continued the special event with it's infamous One more thing. 


Courtesy: Apple


The stunning one-hour event showcased what's the future of wearables looked like. The Apple Watch was stunning and showed what Apple does it best: Simplifying the technology and making it friendlier and usable for the people

The rectangular metal frame with its beautiful crown, stunning OLED display defintetly reminded me of classic Apple DesignPost event and after all the hype went down and I finally saw it in person few months later. I was mindblown by the Taptic feedback, Force touch and the beautiful Crown. 

But the excitement didn't live up that long. Soon I started to read more honest reviews and somehow felt the watch is superficial & unnecessary. It didn't resonate with any problem I was having and in fact, I found that it's only for Apple's niche audience living in the US. 


Three years later, I couldn't be any more wrong about that.

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January 2018

Over the course of three years, Apple iterated the watch three times, supporting protection against water and even making it stand alone (Cellular support). More importantly, the focus changed from fashion statement to a fitness wearable that focused on health. 

I had visited the Apple watch in the store multiple times over the years just to feeling it around my wrist and try out the watchOS. Quick realisation happens everytime that it doesn't help me anyway and might not add value to my life.

I started to work out regularly and I found that my perespective got changed and I started thinking how it could be a great fitness tracker  

My friend, Kamal was selling his Apple Watch in Carousell at a quite good price and I had a short time to think about it as he was getting good offers. I decided to make the move and buy it. I had a backup plan to sell the Apple watch in Carousell if things doesn't go well, as it still has a good warranty. 

The Watch he sold to me is the Nike Edition with it's stunning watch face. I know I'm up for an adventure..

June 2018

Almost 6 months after buying, the Apple watch has become part of my life, but in a less toxic way. More importantly, it's the most intimate device that doesn't seek my attention.

iPhone is an active device that requires your input and time. Ironically Apple watch, on the other hand, doesn’t need your time or attention.

The Body

Even after 6 months, I keep forgetting that I'm wearing the watch when I'm in the bed (Which actually makes it an amazing device for sleep tracking, if you are into that)

The design is so compact that you don't feel it most of the time, but when you raise the wrist you still feel a slight weight, right enough to feel the watch.

The display wakes up on the rise and they've improved its accuracy a lot  compared to the first Watch

I don’t think Apple watch could have had a better input interface than the Crown.

Having a hardware interface to scroll helps during rainy days or while swimming or even cooking.  Just because there is a crown, watchOS doesn't keep everything in a long scrolling list, but rather more obvious actions are always upfront and in the first screen



The battery

While I assumed this would have been a problem, it genuinely wasn't. The Battery serves me two-plus days easily in a single charge and I really wish my iPhone performs that long.

The charger itself is an elegant MagSafe connector that we greatly miss in our new MacBooks. 



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The Straps

You can buy from Apple store or you can also get third party straps. I've been super happy doing the latter and replaced the original Nike Band.  They are relatively cheaper and helps me to not get bored with my straps and change them often.  

AliExpress is your friend. You can get straps ranging form $4 to $100


So how has Apple Watch really helped me?

It made me a better person - Productive and healthy.

It took me longer to understand this because I was trying to understand the utility of the device to tackle the problems I already had. But instead, Apple Watch helped me identified the problems that I never thought I had and slowly nudged me to overcome them. It also added tremendous convenience to my life and helping me to reduce my phone addiction. 

Highlighting some of them.


Timekeeping, while traditional way is to just stare at the watch every now and then and be punctual to the events you need to attend.

But your time is also valuable when you don't necessarily have any events to attend or go. 

Timer: I started this habit of breaking down my productive hours to 15min events. Anything that I do which requires creative thinking or doing a chore will kick this workflow (right now I'm writing this blog with this workflow). I get more conscious about how much time I'm consuming, thereby I get less distracted or waste less time to get the outcome I want. 

Example: Cooking, Designing, Grocery Shopping - In all these, I try to time myself to better estimate and get work done. 

Fitness Tracker

The motivation is real. Even if you are not remotely into physical activity, the Apple watch will nudge you to move you to a more active person. The periodic reminders and the reward system is hands down the best (healthy) retention system I've seen in a long time in software products. The new compete mode coming with the iOS 12 gonna push people further to finish their goals.

Completing the activity rings every day is a joy of its own and it's more rewarding with a new award. There are days where I ended up going for a small walk late night to close the ring but instead got good mind space during the walk.

The heartbeat tracker on the other hand seriously helps me to focus on breathing when I'm anxious (especially during travel). 

Apple Pay

I do approximately 85% of my physical transaction wireless and almost all of them through Apple Watch. 

The Watch is super convenient to just lift and pay. It doesn't require internet. In fact, it's even better than the latest iPhone X when comes to Apple Pay.

Apple Pay with Face ID is cool, but what’s cooler is not to deal with authentication at all when paying.

Apple Watch plays that game

If you are considering/have considered in the past to buy and hesitating, do it now! 

It's not a device that you can check out in the apple store and see if it works for you. It's also not a device that you can ask your friend about how s/he is using and see if it fits your problem.

It will likely not.

Apple Watch has enough capabilities to support your lifestyle. So give it a try. If it doesn't work out, you can always list it in Carousell (or any other marketplace) and you find them getting sold faster. 


Over the course of 6 months, all the photos were taken. 
Shot in Sony A7 Mark II and A6000 | 55mm F1.8 Z  & 35mm F1.8


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