🇦🇹 Vienna

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A photo series that focuses on the cities and places I’m visiting, to share stories about the architecture, culture and people of the city. Welcome to Vienna! 

I reached around Vienna around 5 pm in the evening and that's the last day I saw the sun there. Throughout my trip, I really missed good lighting, but still managed to get the essence of the city in two days. 

The Sunsets

Vienna showed me that the sunsets can be super pretty even during the harsh winters. They get even prettier near the airport where there is a huge garden of windmills producing cleaner energy, standing majestic in the sunset.

When I first posted this on Instagram, my friend reminded me of a scene from Sicario, powered by beautiful Roger Deakins Cinematography.


The Artistic City

The artistic side of Vienna is filled with modern buildings with simple and elegant architecture reflecting the function it does. But there are few exceptions like the Hundertwasserhaus, expressionist's architecture reflects how wild and human can a place be designed without the idea of traditional constraints.  


The old city

While the old city is rich with details, we didn't manage to see a lot of good places because of the harsh temperature. I'm sure the Schönbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace, and St Stephan's cathedral would have looked great in daylight


The Beautiful Trains & Train stations of Vienna

There is something about deep dark open subway stations. No safety glasses or no solid lights, the entire station felt like a museum piece, but when the train comes it just fills the black-space with itself as a missing piece.  Astonished by the U-Bahn station, I took the few shots as an inspiration to do my design job back home.


A walk to the park

If you are done with the touristy places, like we did, a walk to the park or a river bank is usually quite refreshing. It's often amazing to just stumble upon a river, full of birds and fishes and seeing a local feeding a Madrid. 



Like Munich, my desire to explore the city didn't live that long. My travel fatigue was catching up on me and I decided to spend the rest of the time I had with my friends later. 

Thanks, Harshi, Prashanth for making this trip more memorable.

Until next time Vienna 👋🏽


Shot in 

Sony A6000, 35mm |  12mm
Processed with VSCO Kodak & Fuji Filters

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